Putting Challenge II

PUTTING CHALLENGE II is an l8-hole mini-golf game which features both gameplay and practice options. Players can choose to play a 9-hole or an l8-hole game on one of six courses depending on the number of credits entered.…


5 Key Event Emails You Need to Send

Save the Date
At least one month prior to event registration being open, send a Save the Date email to create anticipation, and to help busy people reserve space in their calendars for your event.
The main call-to-action button/link for this email should be

 to add event to their calendar
 to share this event on social media, or
 to pre-register […]

Balloon Artist

Let our talented Balloon Artist create a multitude of funny animals, hats, swords, and such using nothing but ….balloons!

Balloon Artist
Proper shelter from weather & the sun is required. Protective tent can be provided at an additional charge


Negotiation Tactics for an Event Planner

Negotiation Tactics for an Event Planner 
It’s no news, negotiation goes hand-in-hand with event planning and coordination. Every step of the way towards your show includes endless talks and debates…


Brooks Lake –

We also are very proud to be the management company for Brooks Lake Special Events Facility in Conyers, GA. This facility is ideal for company picnics, church events, retreats, and team building events. If you would like to schedule a visit to see the property, we would be happy to do so at your convenience. […]

Your classic arcade games are here!!!

Ready !?!?!

Looking to tune up your swing!


ARENA/Full Swing Golf Simulator
Staff Included w x d x h 15’w x 22d ‘x 13h’ Power Required: 1-20 amp / 110v INDOOR USE ONLY! CANNOT BE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT NEAR WINDOWS


Feature Films and Television

Burgess Amusements & Special Events has provided attractions and equipment for use in many Feature Films, Television Shows, Commercials, Advertising Campaigns, and Music Videos.  Some of our attractions and equipment have been featured in: “Teen Wolf”, “The Originals”, “Revolution”, “The Walking Dead”, “Vampire Diaries”, and feature films including “Term Life” and “Killers”.

Stay tuned for more information. You never […]

9 Tips on Asking The Venue Manager Before you Book That Event Venue

New In 2020!

Get ready because Burgess Events has new things happening in 2020...

Ride and Equipment Showcase
February 4th-7th
347 Old Oxford Rd
Covington, GA 30014

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